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toxin-free of or pertaining to a food, product, or location that is free of harmful substances, or to a way of living that reduces exposure to harmful substances.
toxo- variant of toxico-.
toxoid a toxin, used in immunization, that has been rendered nontoxic by chemical or physical means but that retains its capacity to stimulate the production of antibodies.
toxoplasmosis infection with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, often occurring after eating undercooked meat or touching the feces of an infected cat, that usu. causes mild symptoms in adults but may cause severe complications in an unborn child.
toy any object, device, or the like that can be used in play, esp. by children; plaything. [7 definitions]
toyon a California evergreen, related to the rose, that bears clusters of white flowers and bright red berries.
toy shelf a single shelf or piece of furniture with shelves used primarily for keeping and displaying children's toys.
toyshop a store in which toys are sold or a workshop in which they are made.
tr. abbreviation of "transitive," in grammar, indicating a verb that takes a direct object.
tra- across; over.
trabeated using horizontal beams or lintels as supports instead of arches. [2 definitions]
trace1 a visible mark or evidence of a past event or of something having been present. [11 definitions]
trace2 one of two ropes, chains, or straps used to harness a draft animal to a cart, carriage, or the like.
trace element a chemical element found in minute quantities in a substance, such as plant or animal tissue or soil.
tracer someone or something that traces. [3 definitions]
tracery an ornamental pattern of branching and interlaced bars or ribs, as in a Gothic window. [2 definitions]
trachea the tube in air-breathing animals that carries air to the lungs; windpipe. [2 definitions]
tracheo- trachea.
tracheotomy the surgical opening of the trachea through the outside of the neck.
trachoma a contagious bacterial eye infection, affecting the conjunctiva and cornea, that is characterized by inflammation, granulation, and eventual scarring.
tracing the act or process of drawing, reproducing, or recording by tracing. [2 definitions]