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tractive producing or having traction; pulling; drawing.
tractor a powerful motorized vehicle with large, heavily treaded tires, used to pull farm machinery. [2 definitions]
tractor-trailer a truck tractor to which a trailer or semitrailer is attached.
trade the act of buying and selling commodities, or all such acts collectively; commerce. [11 definitions]
tradeable combined form of trade.
trade association an organization of businesses or businesspeople, often in the same line of business, formed to promote mutual interests.
trade book a book that is sold or distributed to general readers, as opposed to a book such as a textbook or manual.
trade discount a discount on the price of an item offered by its manufacturer or wholesaler, either to a buyer in the same trade or to a retailer.
trade edition an edition of a book sold or distributed to general readers, as opposed to an edition for special audiences; trade book.
trade-in a used thing accepted as partial payment for a new one, esp. an automobile. [4 definitions]
trade in to give an old thing, usually a car, in exchange for a new thing.
trade journal a periodical written for and distributed, sometimes free of charge, to members of a particular industry or profession.
trademark a name, symbol, or other distinctive device used to identify a product, and usu. officially registered to restrict its use to the owner or manufacturer. [4 definitions]
trade name the name by which a product or service is known in a trade or to the general public; brand name; trademark. [2 definitions]
tradeoff the trading of one thing for another, usu. perceived as being advantageous or conciliatory.
trade paperback a paperback book that resembles a hard cover book in size and content and is sold in bookstores, as opposed to smaller and less expensive paperback books.
trader a person who engages in trade; dealer; merchant. [2 definitions]
trade route any route regularly followed by traders in ships, caravans, or the like.
trade school a school, often a secondary school, in which the emphasis is on the teaching of skilled trades.
trade secret something such as a formula, device, or process that is the guarded property of only one business or individual and provides an advantage over competitors in afield.
tradesman a man employed in trade, esp. retail; dealer.