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transaction the act, process, or an instance of transacting or the fact of being transacted. [3 definitions]
transactional analysis a method of psychotherapy based on the theory that each person's psyche consists of three ego states that variously emerge in interpersonal relationships.
transalpine beyond or across the Alps, esp. northward from Italy.
transatlantic crossing or spanning the Atlantic Ocean. [2 definitions]
transceiver a single unit that both transmits and receives radio or electronic signals.
transcend to go beyond or rise above (a common limitation). [4 definitions]
transcendent going beyond the ordinary; surpassing; extraordinary. [3 definitions]
transcendental beyond the limits of ordinary experience, thought, or belief; supernatural, visionary, or mystical. [2 definitions]
transcendentalism (sometimes pl.) any of several philosophies based on the belief that reality can be known only through intuition, spiritual guidance, or the study of the processes of thought, and not through sensory or objective experience.
transcontinental going across or spanning a continent. [2 definitions]
Transcontinental Railroad the U.S. railway completed in 1869 that was the first one to connect cities of the Atlantic coast with those of the Pacific coast. [2 definitions]
transcribe to write or type a copy or full version of (something dictated or heard, shorthand notes, or the like). [4 definitions]
transcript an exact copy or reproduction considered as an official record, as of court hearings, a person's academic grades, or the like.
transcriptase an enzyme that is involved in the formation of RNA from DNA during transcription.
transcription the act or product of transcribing. [4 definitions]
transducer a device that converts energy from one form to another, such as a loudspeaker that converts electricity into sound.
transect to cut across or divide by cutting across.
transept the section of a church that crosses the longer, central section or nave at right angles, or either half of this section.
transfer to convey or move from one place or person to another. [10 definitions]
transferable combined form of transfer.
transfer agent an individual, bank, or trust company that is legally designated to supervise the buying and selling of certificates on behalf of a corporation.