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transducer a device that converts energy from one form to another, such as a loudspeaker that converts electricity into sound.
transect to cut across or divide by cutting across.
transept the section of a church that crosses the longer, central section or nave at right angles, or either half of this section.
transfer to convey or move from one place or person to another. [10 definitions]
transferable combined form of transfer.
transfer agent an individual, bank, or trust company that is legally designated to supervise the buying and selling of certificates on behalf of a corporation.
transferal a transfer.
transferee one who is transferred. [2 definitions]
transference an act or process of transferring. [2 definitions]
transfer RNA a small, looped RNA that brings amino acids to a developing polypeptide chain. (Cf. messenger RNA.)
transfiguration the act of transforming or the state of being transformed in form or appearance, esp. to an idealized or spiritualized state. [2 definitions]
transfigure to radically change the form or appearance of, esp. for the better; transform; ennoble or beautify. [2 definitions]
transfix to pierce through with, or as though with, something sharply pointed; impale. [2 definitions]
transform to change the form, appearance, or structure of. [5 definitions]
transformable combined form of transform.
transformation a significant change in the form, structure, character, or nature of something or someone. [2 definitions]
transformational grammar a system of grammar that accounts for sentence and phrase structures by applying a set of transformational rules to the basic structures of a language.
transformative causing transformation.
transformer a device that transfers electric current from one circuit or set of circuits to another, by means of electromagnetic induction and usu. for the purpose of changing voltage. [2 definitions]
transfuse to transmit or impart, as by causing to flow or become diffused. [2 definitions]
transfusion the act or process of transfusing, or the thing transfused. [2 definitions]