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transubstantiation in the Roman Catholic Church, the doctrine that the bread and wine of the Eucharist are the true body and blood of Jesus Christ.
transuranic having an atomic number higher than that of uranium.
transversal in a crosswise position; transverse. [2 definitions]
transverse set or directed across; crosswise. [2 definitions]
transverse colon the central section of the large intestine that occupies the upper part of the abdominal cavity.
transvestite a person who derives pleasure, esp. sexual pleasure, from dressing in clothing and assuming behavior specifically associated with the opposite sex.
trap1 a device for catching, holding, and often killing wild animals and game, rodents, or the like. [13 definitions]
trap2 to provide with clothing, decoration, or the like (often fol. by "out"). [2 definitions]
trap3 any of various dark, fine-grained igneous rocks, such as basalt, often used in road construction.
trapdoor a hinged or sliding door that is fitted into and usu. flush with a floor, ceiling, or roof.
trap-door spider any of several spiders that construct a silk-lined nest covered by a hinged lid resembling a trap door.
trapeze a rope swing with a bar, suspended high above the ground and used for gymnastic exercises or acrobatic stunts, as by a circus performer.
trapezium a four-sided plane figure in which no two sides are parallel. [2 definitions]
trapezoid a four-sided, two-dimensional geometric figure with two sides parallel. [3 definitions]
trapper one who traps wild animals and sells or trades their furs.
trappings personal belonging, such as clothing. [2 definitions]
Trappist a Roman Catholic monk belonging to an austere branch of the Cistercian order that is committed to the vow of absolute silence.
trapshooting the sport of shooting clay pigeons that are catapulted into the air from traps.
trash anything considered worthless or useless, and usu. discarded; rubbish; garbage. [7 definitions]
trash can a large container, usually made of metal or hard plastic, that is used for holding garbage.
trashy of or like trash; worthless; sleazy; inferior.