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treasure accumulated or stored wealth. [4 definitions]
treasure chest a chest filled with valuables, such as jewels and gold. [2 definitions]
treasure hunt a game in which players try to find hidden items, often with the help of written clues.
treasurer the officer of a club, business, government agency, or other organization who is responsible for the safekeeping and disbursement of funds.
treasure-trove something one finds that is of great value, esp. gold, jewels, or money . [2 definitions]
treasury a place where funds are deposited and held. [4 definitions]
treasury note an interest-bearing note, maturing in from one to ten years, that is issued by the U.S. Treasury and is receivable as legal tender for all debts.
treat to behave toward (a person or animal) in a particular way. [11 definitions]
treatable combined form of treat.
treatise a detailed and formal written work, usu. dealing systematically with a single theme or subject.
treatment the act of treating, or the way in which one treats another. [4 definitions]
treaty a formal agreement between two or more countries. [3 definitions]
Treaty of Versailles the treaty, signed in 1919, that officially ended World War I. The Treaty of Versailles, signed by Germany and the Allied Powers, forced Germany to pay enormous reparations, to substantially reduce the size of its military, and to recognize territorial changes that substantially reduced its land holdings. The treaty also established the League of Nations. The United States, represented by President Woodrow Wilson, played a crucial role in the treaty negotiations, but the U.S. Congress subsequently refused to ratify the treaty, based largely on opposition to American participation in the League of Nations.
treaty port a port kept open to foreign trade by treaty, esp. one of several formerly in China, Korea, and Japan.
treble threefold; triple. [7 definitions]
treble clef a musical symbol placed on the second line from the bottom of the staff to indicate G above middle C; G clef.
tree a perennial woody plant consisting of roots, a trunk, and branches, usu. growing to a substantial height. [5 definitions]
tree fern any of various, mostly tropical ferns that grow as large as trees and have a woody, trunklike stem with large, divided fronds at the top.
tree frog any of various small frogs that live in trees and have long toes with adhesive disks at the tip that aid in climbing.
tree lawn a strip of grass and often trees between a sidewalk and a roadway.
treeless combined form of tree.