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tree a perennial woody plant consisting of roots, a trunk, and branches, usu. growing to a substantial height. [5 definitions]
tree fern any of various, mostly tropical ferns that grow as large as trees and have a woody, trunklike stem with large, divided fronds at the top.
tree frog any of various small frogs that live in trees and have long toes with adhesive disks at the tip that aid in climbing.
tree house a structure built within the branches of a tree for the purpose of play.
tree lawn a strip of grass and often trees between a sidewalk and a roadway.
treeless combined form of tree.
tree line the limit of northern or southern latitude beyond which trees do not grow to their normal height. [2 definitions]
treenail a wooden peg used to fasten timbers, esp. in ships, which swells and tightens when wet.
tree of heaven an Asian shade tree, widely cultivated in the United States, that has compound leaves and unpleasant-smelling flowers.
tree of knowledge according to the Old Testament, the tree whose forbidden fruit gave Adam and Eve the knowledge of good and evil, and caused their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.
tree of life in the Bible, a tree in the Garden of Eden bearing fruit that would confer immortality to one who ate it. [3 definitions]
tree ring one of the concentric rings of wood visible in a cross section of a tree representing the layer of growth from one year.
tree squirrel any squirrel that lives in trees, such as the gray squirrel.
tree surgery the treatment of diseased and damaged trees, as by removing limbs, filling cavities, and dressing wounds in the bark.
tree toad see "tree frog."
treetop the crown of a tree.
trefoil any of several plants, such as the clovers, that have compound leaves with three leaflets. [3 definitions]
trek to travel or make one's way, usu. slowly and arduously. [2 definitions]
trellis a framework incorporating a lattice, often used as a support for climbing plants. [4 definitions]
trematode any of various parasitic flatworms that have one or more external suckers with which to attach themselves to a host.
tremble to shake or quiver involuntarily, as from fear, exhaustion, or cold. [4 definitions]