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-tropism an organism's attraction to, or repulsion from, a stimulus.
tropism in biology, the turning or growth of an organ or organism toward or away from an external stimulus such as light, gravity, or nutrients.
tropology the use of tropes or figurative language in writing. [3 definitions]
troposphere the innermost layer of the atmosphere, up to six to twelve miles above the earth's surface, in which clouds and other weather conditions occur.
troppo see non troppo.
-tropy the condition of turning or changing in (such) a way or in response to (such) a stimulus; -tropism.
trot of a quadruped, esp. a horse, to travel briskly by moving the left foreleg forward simultaneously with the right hind leg, and the right foreleg simultaneously with the left hind leg. [6 definitions]
trotline a strong fishing line, suspended across or fixed within a stream or river, to which short baited lines are attached at intervals.
trot out (informal) to bring out for an audience's attention or inspection.
trotter an animal that trots, esp. a horse bred and trained for harness racing. [3 definitions]
troubadour any wandering musician; minstrel. [2 definitions]
trouble a state or condition of distress, need, or misfortune. [14 definitions]
troubled concerned and upset; disturbed. [2 definitions]
troublemaker one who causes conflict or trouble for others.
troubleshoot to search for the cause of a problem.
troubleshooter one who has a talent for resolving disputes, improving weak organizations, or the like, esp. in business and politics. [2 definitions]
troublesome causing anxiety, worry, or bother. [2 definitions]
troubling causing one to worry or be upset.
trough a long narrow open container used for serving food or water to animals. [4 definitions]
trounce to beat severely; thrash. [2 definitions]
troupe a theatrical or musical company, esp. one that travels. [2 definitions]