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truckle bed see trundle bed.
truck stop a business along a highway usu. consisting of a restaurant and gas station, and having truck drivers as its main customers.
truck system the system or practice of paying wages in goods instead of in money.
truculent extremely hostile or belligerent; inclined to fight. [2 definitions]
trudge to walk heavily and laboriously, as with great weariness. [3 definitions]
true in agreement with fact. [13 definitions]
true believer a dedicated follower of a person, creed, or the like, esp. one characterized by blind, unquestioning devotion, or sometimes fanaticism.
true bill a bill of indictment approved by a grand jury as being supported by enough evidence to justify a trial.
true-blue unfailingly faithful or loyal; staunch.
truebred well-bred; refined. [2 definitions]
true-false test a test of knowledge or opinions that consists of statements to be read and marked as true or false.
truehearted faithful; trustworthy; loyal. [2 definitions]
true-life like or accurately depicting reality.
truelove a beloved person; sweetheart. [2 definitions]
truelove knot an ornamental double bowknot used to symbolize lasting love because it is difficult to untie.
true rib a rib that is attached by cartilage directly to the sternum, as any of the upper seven pairs of ribs in humans. (Cf. false rib.)
truffle any of various fungi growing as parasites on tree roots and bearing underground an edible growth that is a great delicacy. [2 definitions]
truism a self-evident statement; platitude.
truly in a truthful manner. [4 definitions]
trump in certain card games, a suit or a card of a suit that outranks other suits during a particular hand. [5 definitions]
trumped-up of a charge, piece of evidence, or the like, falsely devised or concocted; spurious.