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ulna the bone of the human forearm that is on the side opposite the thumb. [2 definitions]
-ulous tending to; characterized by.
Ulster (informal) Northern Ireland. [3 definitions]
ulterior beyond or excluded from what is openly admitted or shown, esp. when concealed for the purposes of deception. [3 definitions]
ultima the last syllable of a word.
ultimate last or farthest in a progression; final. [9 definitions]
ultimately at the farthest or last point in a progression; finally; in the end.
ultima Thule the farthest point or limit; utmost degree. [2 definitions]
ultimatum a final statement of demands, esp. when issued with a threat of action if rejected, as in a diplomatic discussion.
ultra going or being beyond the established norms for something; extreme. [2 definitions]
ultra- above; beyond. [2 definitions]
ultracareful combined form of careful.
ultracasual combined form of casual.
ultracautious combined form of cautious.
ultrachic combined form of chic.
ultracivilized combined form of civilized.
ultraclean combined form of clean.
ultracold combined form of cold.
ultracommercial combined form of commercial.
ultracompetent combined form of competent.
ultraconservatism combined form of conservatism.