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ultrasmall combined form of small.
ultrasmart combined form of smart.
ultrasmooth combined form of smooth.
ultrasoft combined form of soft.
ultrasonic of or relating to sound frequencies beyond the range that can be heard by the human ear.
ultrasonics (used with a sing. verb) the scientific study of ultrasonic sound waves and their use in fields such as medicine.
ultrasophisticated combined form of sophisticated.
ultrasound ultrasonic waves as used in medical diagnosis, therapy, and the like.
ultrathin combined form of thin.
ultravacuum combined form of vacuum.
ultraviolence combined form of violence.
ultraviolent combined form of violent.
ultraviolet beyond the violet end of the spectrum of visible light and having a wavelength between that of visible light and x-rays. [3 definitions]
ultravirile combined form of virile.
ultravirility combined form of virility.
ultrawide combined form of wide.
ululate to howl or bay loudly, as a hound. [2 definitions]
Ulysses see Odysseus.
um used to express that one is thinking or considering, and, often, to give oneself more time before speaking, as when trying to think of an answer to a question or when trying to make a decision.
umbel a flower cluster in which flower stalks of nearly uniform length sprout from the same point on the main stem, as in the carrot plant.
umber a natural pigment of iron and manganese oxides, that is yellowish brown, or reddish brown when roasted. [2 definitions]