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unalleviated combined form of alleviated.
unallocated combined form of allocated.
unalloyed not mixed with an alloy, as a metal. [2 definitions]
unalluring combined form of alluring.
unalterable not able to be changed or altered.
unaltered the same as before; unchanged.
unambiguous combined form of ambiguous
unambitious combined form of ambitious.
unamenable combined form of amenable.
unamended combined form of amended.
un-American considered to be contrary to the standards, ideals, and principles of the United States.
unamiable combined form of amiable.
unamortized combined form of amortized.
unamplified combined form of amplified.
unamusing combined form of amusing.
unanalyzed combined form of analyzed.
unanimated combined form of animated.
unanimous in complete agreement, as a number or group of people. [2 definitions]
unanimous consent agreement a means by which the U.S. Senate expedites legislative proceedings, calling for members to agree upon a set of terms by which procedures surrounding a piece of legislation will be conducted. Unanimous consent agreements specify items such as a time limit for debate on a bill and who will control the debate.
unanimously with the complete agreement of all. [2 definitions]
unannotated combined form of annotated.