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undramatized combined form of dramatized.
undraw to draw open or aside, as a drape. [2 definitions]
undreamed not expected, dreamed of, or imagined; inconceivable.
undress to remove the clothing or covering from. [5 definitions]
undue not justifiable; excessive. [3 definitions]
undulant like or characterized by waves or a wavy motion or pattern; undulating.
undulant fever a persistent and recurrent fever, accompanied by weakness and joint pains, and caused by contact with domestic animals and their products, esp. meat and milk; brucellosis.
undulate to move in waves or a wavelike motion. [6 definitions]
undulation a wavelike motion or alternation. [3 definitions]
undulled combined form of dulled.
unduly to an unjustifiable or inappropriate extent; excessively. [2 definitions]
unduplicated combined form of duplicated.
undyed combined form of dyed.
undying not ending; everlasting; eternal.
undynamic combined form of dynamic.
uneager combined form of eager.
unearmarked combined form of earmarked.
unearned not gained by one's merits; undeserved. [3 definitions]
unearth to dig up out of, or as if out of, the earth. [2 definitions]
unearthly not of this world; otherworldly; supernatural. [3 definitions]
uneasy not comfortable physically or mentally; restless; disturbed; insecure. [3 definitions]