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unenlarged combined form of enlarged.
unenlightened combined form of enlightened.
unenlightening combined form of enlightening.
unenriched combined form of enriched.
unenterprising combined form of enterprising.
unenthusiastic combined form of enthusiastic.
unenthusiastically combined form of enthusiastically.
unenviable not capable or worthy of being envied or desired.
unenvious combined form of envious.
unequal of two or more things, not having the same amount, value, or quality; not equal. [5 definitions]
unequaled having no equal; peerless; matchless.
unequal sign in mathematics, a symbol (≠) indicting that the value before the sign is different than the value after the sign.
unequivocal allowing no doubt or uncertainty; clear and definite.
unerotic combined form of erotic.
unerring making no mistakes; always accurate, correct, or appropriate.
unescapable combined form of escapable.
UNESCO abbreviation of "United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization."
unessential not necessary; trivial. [2 definitions]
unestablished combined form of established.
unethical not following or in accordance with the standards of right and wrong that are held by an individual or group.
unevaluated combined form of evaluated.