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unexpired combined form of expired.
unexplainable combined form of explainable.
unexplained combined form of explained.
unexploded set to detonate but not yet detonated.
unexplored of or pertaining to a place, area, or field that has not been examined or investigated before.
unexposed combined form of exposed.
unexpressed combined form of expressed.
unexpurgated of a book or other publication, retaining material that might be considered offensive by some readers; uncensored.
unextraordinary combined form of extraordinary.
unfailing not likely to be exhausted or used up; endless. [3 definitions]
unfair violating accepted standards of fairness or just treatment. [2 definitions]
unfaithful having violated a promise or obligation; disloyal. [3 definitions]
unfaked combined form of faked.
unfamiliar not previously experienced or known; unusual; strange. [2 definitions]
unfamiliarity the lack of previous knowledge of or acquaintance with a particular thing. [2 definitions]
unfamous combined form of famous.
unfancy combined form of fancy.
unfashionable not fashionable; not of the currently popular style or way of doing things.
unfasten to release from fastenings; untie; undo; separate. [2 definitions]
unfastidious combined form of fastidious.
unfathomable not able to be imagined or comprehended. [2 definitions]