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unhopeful combined form of hopeful.
unhorse to cause to fall from a horse.
unhoused combined form of housed.
unhuman not human in nature, quality, or the like.
unhumorous combined form of humorous.
unhurried combined form of hurried.
unhurt combined form of hurt.
unhydrolyzed combined form of hydrolyzed.
unhygienic combined form of hygienic.
unhyphenated combined form of hyphenated.
unhysterical combined form of hysterical.
unhysterically combined form of hysterically.
uni- single; one.
Uniate a member of any Eastern Christian Church that is in union with the Roman Catholic Church, but has its own rites, customs, and the like.
uniaxial having only one axis, as some crystals.
unicameral consisting of one legislative body.
UNICEF abbreviation of "United Nations Children's Fund" (formerly, "United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund").
unicellular consisting of a single cell.
unicorn a mythical animal having the body of a horse and a single horn projecting from its forehead.
unicycle a one-wheeled vehicle usu. propelled by means of pedals.
unidealistic combined form of idealistic.