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unification the process of making into a single unit or entity. [2 definitions]
uniform unvarying; consistent. [5 definitions]
uniformity the state or quality of being uniform; overall sameness.
uniform resource locator an address identifying the location of a file on the Internet, commonly called a "URL." A uniform resource locator, or URL, consists of the computer on which the file is located and the file's location on that computer.
unify to bring together into a single unit or entity; unite. [2 definitions]
unignorable combined form of ignorable.
unilateral on, concerning, done by, or affecting only one of two or more sides. [2 definitions]
unilinear following a single consistent path of development, usu. from the primitive to the advanced.
unilluminating combined form of illuminating.
unimaginable combined form of imaginable.
unimaginative combined form of imaginative.
unimaginatively combined form of imaginatively.
unimmunized combined form of immunized.
unimpaired combined form of impaired.
unimpassioned combined form of impassioned.
unimpeachable above doubt or accusations of wrongness; unquestionable.
unimpeded combined form of impeded.
unimportance combined form of importance
unimportant of no meaning or value; not important. [2 definitions]
unimposing combined form of imposing.
unimpressed not affected or moved, especially to admiration or respect, by something or someone.