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unjointed combined form of jointed.
unjust contrary to the principles of fairness or justice.
unjustifiable combined form of justifiable.
unjustifiably combined form of justifiably.
unjustified combined form of justified.
unkempt not combed; poorly groomed. [2 definitions]
unkept combined form of kept.
unkind lacking in kindness or sympathy; harsh.
unkindly unkind. [2 definitions]
unknowable not capable of being understood or known. [2 definitions]
unknowing not knowing; unaware; ignorant.
unknowledgeable combined form of knowledgeable.
unknown not known; undetermined; unfamiliar. [2 definitions]
Unknown Soldier (sometimes l.c.) an unidentified soldier killed in war, whose tomb serves as a memorial to all of a nation's unidentified military persons who have died in war.
unkosher combined form of kosher.
unlabeled combined form of labeled.
unlace to loosen or undo the laces of.
unlade to discharge (a load or cargo); unload. [2 definitions]
unladylike combined form of ladylike.
unlamented combined form of lamented.
unlatch to unfasten or open by undoing a latch. [2 definitions]