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unreadiness combined form of readiness.
unready not prepared for some action or undertaking. [2 definitions]
unreal not real; lacking actuality or substance; illusory. [2 definitions]
unrealistic not based on reality, esp. with regard to its limits or dimensions; visionary, fantastic, or impractical.
unrealizable combined form of realizable.
unrealized combined form of realized.
unreason absence of reasonable thinking or behavior; irrationality, madness, or absurdity.
unreasonable not acting or behaving as reason would suggest; not governed by good judgment or sound thinking, esp. in relation to others. [2 definitions]
unreasoning not using, produced by, or controlled by reason; irrational.
unreceptive combined form of receptive.
unreclaimable combined form of reclaimable.
unreclaimed combined form of reclaimed.
unrecognizable defying recognition.
unrecognizably combined form of recognizably.
unrecognized combined form of recognized.
unreconcilable combined form of reconcilable.
unreconciled combined form of reconciled.
unreconstructed unable or unwilling, often defiantly so, to adjust to a new social, political, or economic order.
unrecorded combined form of recorded.
unrecoverable combined form of recoverable.
unrecovered combined form of recovered.