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unsettle to agitate or disturb the mind or emotions of; make uneasy, uncertain, or the like; upset. [3 definitions]
unsettled not firmly situated in one place. [6 definitions]
unsettling making one feel uneasy or uncertain; slightly or somewhat disturbing.
unsex to deprive of sexual capability or power. [2 definitions]
unsexual combined form of sexual.
unsexy combined form of sexy.
unshackle to free from or as from shackles; liberate or release.
unshaded combined form of shaded.
unshakable not able to be diverted or distracted; firm, as in purpose.
unshaken combined form of shaken.
unshapely combined form of shapely.
unshared combined form of shared.
unsharp combined form of sharp.
unshaven combined form of shaven.
unsheathe to pull (a sword, knife, or the like) from a sheath.
unshelled combined form of shelled.
unship to remove or discharge (cargo or passengers) from a ship. [3 definitions]
unshockable combined form of shockable.
unshorn combined form of shorn.
unshowy combined form of showy.
unsightly unpleasant or disagreeable to look at; unattractive; ugly.