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untaught not instructed or taught; ignorant. [2 definitions]
untaxed combined form of taxed.
unteachable combined form of teachable.
untechnical combined form of technical.
untempered combined form of tempered.
untenable of an argument, position, or the like, incapable of being defended; weak or illogical. [2 definitions]
untenanted combined form of tenanted.
untended not cared for; not maintained.
untestable combined form of testable.
untested combined form of tested.
unthankful offering no thanks or gratitude; not grateful. [2 definitions]
untheoretical combined form of theoretical.
unthinkable not imaginable; incredible. [2 definitions]
unthinking lacking consideration; thoughtless. [3 definitions]
unthread to remove thread or threads from. [3 definitions]
unthreatening combined form of threatening.
unthrifty combined form of thrifty.
unthrone to depose from or as from a throne; dethrone or topple.
untidy not neat or orderly. [3 definitions]
untie to free from being tied or bound. [4 definitions]
until up to the time when. [5 definitions]