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unusual not usual or ordinary; uncommon; remarkable.
unutilized combined form of utilized.
unutterable not capable of being put into words; inexpressible. [2 definitions]
unvaccinated combined form of vaccinated.
unvaried combined form of varied.
unvarnished expressed plainly and without adornment. [2 definitions]
unvarying unchanging; constant.
unveil to remove a veil or other cover from, esp. to display for the first time. [2 definitions]
unveiling a formal ceremony in which a new statue, monument, or the like is revealed to the public for the first time.
unventilated combined form of ventilated.
unverbalized combined form of verbalized.
unverifiable combined form of verifiable.
unversed combined form of versed.
unviable combined form of viable.
unvisited combined form of visited.
unvoiced not spoken; unuttered. [2 definitions]
unwanted combined form of wanted.
unwarlike combined form of warlike.
unwarranted without justification; undeserved.
unwary unmindful of potential harm or deception; not cautious.
unwavering steady; not moving back and forth or changing positions.