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urbanize to make urban, as an area or locale.
urbanology the study of the social problems of cities.
urban renewal the renewing of deteriorating parts of a town or city, by renovation or new construction.
urban spadeleaf a small creeping plant used in herbal medicine; Centella.
urban sprawl spreading of the urban structure into adjoining suburbs and rural areas.
urchin a small child, esp. a poor, mischievous, or dirty boy. [2 definitions]
Urdu the official literary language of Pakistan, written with Persian-Arabic characters, and widely used by Muslims in India.
-ure act or process. [3 definitions]
urea a soluble nitrogen compound found in the urine of mammals, and synthesized from carbon dioxide and ammonia for use in fertilizers, animal feeds, and other products.
uremia a toxic condition resulting from the retaining in the blood of wastes that normally are evacuated in urine.
ureter a narrow duct through which urine moves from the kidney to the bladder or cloaca.
urethane any of several compounds derived from carbamic acid; ethyl carbamate. [2 definitions]
urethra a duct that carries urine outside the body from the bladder and that, in a male mammal, conducts the semen.
urethroscope a medical instrument for observing the interior of the urethra.
urge to push or drive forward or onward. [7 definitions]
urgency the state of being urgent; pressing necessity or importance. [2 definitions]
urgent requiring immediate action or attention; pressing. [3 definitions]
-urgy the science, technique, or process of working with (such) a material or tool.
-uria the presence of (such) a substance in the urine.
uric concerning, contained in, or derived from urine.
uric acid a white, odorless, crystalline substance, found in urine and the excreta of birds and reptiles.