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usable capable of or fit for being used.
USAF abbreviation of "United States Air Force."
usage the way or amount of using or treating something, or the acts of using something viewed collectively. [3 definitions]
USCIS an abbreviation for "United States Citizenship and Immigration Services." The USCIS is the government department that deals with people who have moved to the United States and with people who want to become citizens of the United States.
USDA abbreviation of "United States Department of Agriculture."
use to bring into service; employ, esp. habitually. [12 definitions]
useable combined form of use.
used previously owned; secondhand. [2 definitions]
useful able to be used, esp. in a helpful, practical, or effective way.
useless serving no beneficial or practical purpose. [2 definitions]
user one that uses. [3 definitions]
user-friendly easy to use, as a computer or computer application.
username in computing, a name, usually an alphanumeric string of characters, that allows a user to gain access to a computer system or network with multiple users.
use up to completely consume or exhaust; finish.
usher one who escorts people to their seats in a church, theater, stadium, or the like. [6 definitions]
usherette a female usher, as in a theater.
USIA abbreviation of "United States Information Agency."
USIS abbreviation of "United States Information Service."
USMC abbreviation of "United States Marine Corps."
USN abbreviation of "United States Navy."
USO abbreviation of "United Service Organizations."