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vaccination the act or practice of inoculating persons or animals with modified, killed, or avirulent viruses or bacteria in order to protect against specific diseases.
vaccine a specimen of modified, killed, or avirulent viruses or bacteria, used to inoculate persons or animals in order to stimulate their immune systems to protect against virulent strains. [3 definitions]
vacillate to hesitate or waver in giving an opinion or making a decision; be indecisive. [2 definitions]
Václav Havel Czech author, playwright, and politician, who was the last President of Czechoslovakia and the first President of the Czech Republic (b.1936).
vacuity the state of being empty; emptiness. [4 definitions]
vacuole a membranous enclosure within a cell that contains substances isolated from the protoplasm, such as dissolved acids. [2 definitions]
vacuous lacking any content; empty. [2 definitions]
vacuum a space empty of all matter. [5 definitions]
vacuum bottle a bottle or flask with a vacuum between its double walls which helps to sustain the original temperature of the contents; thermos.
vacuum cleaner an electrical appliance that cleans floors, carpets, and the like by suction; vacuum sweeper.
vacuum-packed packed in a container from which as much of the air as possible has been removed before sealing.
vacuum-sealed of or relating to a packaged material that has had all the air removed.
vacuum tube an electron tube, formerly used in radio and electronics, from which the air has been evacuated, enabling electrons to move freely within the vacuum.
vade mecum (Latin) a resource that a person carries around constantly, such as a guidebook, manual, or map.
Vaduz the capital of Liechtenstein.
vagabond having no permanent home; wandering from place to place; nomadic. [6 definitions]
vagabondage the state or condition of being a vagabond or vagrant.
vagary an erratic, unpredictable, or extravagant occurrence, action, or idea; whim.
vagina in most female mammals, the passage leading from the uterus to the external genital opening; birth canal. [3 definitions]
vaginal of or relating to the vagina.
vaginate having a vagina or sheath. [2 definitions]