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viol any of a group of stringed instruments of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries having fretted necks and usu. six strings, and played with a curved bow. [2 definitions]
viola a four-stringed instrument of the violin family that is somewhat larger than a violin and tuned a fifth lower.
violable capable of being or likely to be violated.
viola da braccio a stringed instrument of the viol group that has a range similar to that of a viola.
viola da gamba a stringed instrument of the viol family, that is held between the knees like a cello, and that has a similar range.
viola d'amore a stringed instrument of the viol family, having not only gut strings that are bowed but also wire strings behind these that vibrate sympathetically.
violate to break or breach (a law, contract, covenant, or the like). [4 definitions]
violation the act of violating. [5 definitions]
violative entailing violation.
violence strong, damaging force. [5 definitions]
violent acting with extreme force or hostility. [6 definitions]
violently with extreme force or hostility.
violet any of various stemless or leafy stemmed herbs bearing white, blue, yellow, or purple flowers. [3 definitions]
violet ray light having the shortest wavelength in the visible spectrum. [2 definitions]
violin a relatively small, high-pitched stringed instrument with an unfretted fingerboard, whose four strings are tuned in fifths, and that is played by being held horizontally out from chin and shoulder.
violinist one who plays the violin.
violist one who plays the viola. [2 definitions]
violoncello see "cello."
violone the largest and lowest-pitched stringed instrument in the viol group.
VIP abbreviation of "very important person."
viper any of various venomous snakes, often characterized by erectile fangs. [3 definitions]