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virtue moral excellence; righteousness. [5 definitions]
virtueless combined form of virtue.
virtuosity exceptional ability, style, or skill, esp. as expressed in the fine arts.
virtuoso a person who demonstrates exceptional ability, style, or skill, esp. in music. [2 definitions]
virtuous characterized by moral excellence or righteousness. [2 definitions]
virulent highly poisonous, or extremely injurious to health. [3 definitions]
virus any of a large group of submicroscopic agents that reproduce only in living cells and are disease-producing in humans, animals, and plants. [4 definitions]
vis (Latin) force, power, or strength.
visa permission granted by an appropriate national official, and so indicated on a passport, that its bearer may travel within that nation. [2 definitions]
visage the face of a person, statue, or the like, esp. in regard to its appearance or expression.
vis-Ó-vis face-to-face. [4 definitions]
viscera the internal organs of the body, esp. those in the thorax and abdomen. [2 definitions]
visceral of, concerning, or affecting the viscera. [2 definitions]
viscid of a gluelike consistency. [2 definitions]
viscose a viscous solution of treated cellulose used in making such products as rayon and cellophane. [4 definitions]
viscosity the state or property of being adhesive and gluey. [2 definitions]
viscount a nobleman that ranks just beneath an earl or count and above a baron.
viscountess the wife or widow of a viscount. [2 definitions]
viscous having an adhesive, gluey consistency that resists flow.
viscus sing. of viscera.
visÚ a visa. [2 definitions]