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walrus either of two large marine mammals related to the seals, inhabiting arctic seas and having two large tusks, flippers, considerable blubber, and tough thick hide.
Walt Disney U.S. cartoonist and motion-picture animator, director, and producer (b.1901--d.1966).
Walter Mitty the main character of James Thurber's modern story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, who is mild and ineffectual, but who imagines himself a hero in various situations. [2 definitions]
Walter Sisulu South African former Deputy President of the African National Congress and anti-apartheid activist; born Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu (b.1912--d.2003).
Walter Ulbricht founding member of the German Communist Party and First Secretary of the Socialist Union Party (1950-71), who was a leader in the development and establishment of East Germany (b.1893--d.1973).
Walt Whitman a U.S. poet (b.1819--d.1892).
waltz a round dance for couples in three-four time with the accent on the first beat. [7 definitions]
Wampanoag a tribe of North American Indians living in the northeastern United States in what is now eastern Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. [4 definitions]
wampum white and dark cylindrical beads made from polished shells, formerly used by North American Indians as money and ornaments.
wan unnaturally pale, as from illness or exhaustion. [3 definitions]
wand a thin stick or rod used by magicians or the like. [3 definitions]
wander to move about with no purpose, aim, or plan, or at no definite pace; roam. [5 definitions]
Wandering Jew in medieval folklore, a Jew condemned to roam the earth until the Second Coming, as a punishment for mocking or striking Jesus Christ before the crucifixion. [2 definitions]
wanderlust a strong, constant desire to travel.
wane of the moon, to gradually decrease in the size of the portion that is illuminated, as seen from the earth. (Cf. wax2). [6 definitions]
wangle (informal) to get or bring about (something) by resorting to tricks and schemes. [2 definitions]
Wankel engine an internal combustion engine that features a triangular rotor revolving in a chamber, and that requires fewer moving parts and is lighter and less efficient than a piston-driven engine.
wanna contraction of "want to" used in some types of writing to reflect how the two words are often pronounced in rapid, informal speech.
want to desire (something); wish for. [14 definitions]
want ad a classified advertisement.
want in (informal) to desire to be included or admitted.