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Walter Sisulu South African former Deputy President of the African National Congress and anti-apartheid activist; born Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu (b.1912--d.2003).
Walter Ulbricht founding member of the German Communist Party and First Secretary of the Socialist Union Party (1950-71), who was a leader in the development and establishment of East Germany (b.1893--d.1973).
Walt Whitman a U.S. poet (b.1819--d.1892).
waltz a round dance for couples in three-four time with the accent on the first beat. [7 definitions]
Wampanoag a tribe of North American Indians living in the northeastern United States in what is now eastern Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. [4 definitions]
wampum white and dark cylindrical beads made from polished shells, formerly used by North American Indians as money and ornaments.
wan unnaturally pale, as from illness or exhaustion. [3 definitions]
wand a thin stick or rod used by magicians or the like. [3 definitions]
wander to move about with no purpose, aim, or plan, or at no definite pace; roam. [5 definitions]
Wandering Jew in medieval folklore, a Jew condemned to roam the earth until the Second Coming, as a punishment for mocking or striking Jesus Christ before the crucifixion. [2 definitions]
wanderlust a strong, constant desire to travel.
wane of the moon, to gradually decrease in the size of the portion that is illuminated, as seen from the earth. (Cf. wax2). [6 definitions]
wangle (informal) to get or bring about (something) by resorting to tricks and schemes. [2 definitions]
Wankel engine an internal combustion engine that features a triangular rotor revolving in a chamber, and that requires fewer moving parts and is lighter and less efficient than a piston-driven engine.
wanna contraction of "want to" used in some types of writing to reflect how the two words are often pronounced in rapid, informal speech.
want to desire (something); wish for. [14 definitions]
want ad a classified advertisement.
want in (informal) to desire to be included or admitted.
wanting lacking. [4 definitions]
wanton characterized by malice and injustice. [6 definitions]
want out (informal) to desire to be excluded.