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watch pocket a small pocket, as in a vest or trousers, for carrying a watch.
watchtower a tower from which someone may keep watch or observe.
watchword a secret word or phrase; password. [2 definitions]
water a transparent, tasteless, and odorless liquid that takes the form of rain, rivers, oceans, and lakes and is required to sustain most forms of life. [14 definitions]
water bed a bed whose mattress is a bag made of vinyl or other waterproof material filled with water.
water beetle any of various aquatic beetles, characterized by a smooth oval body and flattened or fringed hind legs adapted for swimming.
water bird any of numerous swimming or wading birds.
water biscuit a cracker made of water and flour, to which shortening is sometimes added.
water blister a blister containing a clear, serous fluid. (Cf. blood blister.)
water boatman any of a family of aquatic beetles with long, oarlike hind legs adapted for swimming.
waterborne carried on water; afloat. [3 definitions]
water boy a boy or man who supplies water to others, such as laborers or members of a football team.
waterbuck any of several large African antelopes with curved ridged horns, frequently found in marshes or near water.
water buffalo a large, slow, powerful buffalo of tropical Asia with flattened, curved horns, often domesticated as a draft animal.
water chestnut an Asian sedge with erect cylindrical leaves, or the succulent edible submerged tuber of this plant. [2 definitions]
water clock any of various devices that measure time by the flow of water, esp. a clepsydra.
water closet a flush toilet, or a room or booth containing a toilet and often a washbowl.
watercolor paint made of pigment dissolved in water. [3 definitions]
water-cooled prevented from overheating by means of circulating water.
water cooler an apparatus for cooling and dispensing drinking water; water fountain.
watercourse a current of water, such as a creek or river. [2 definitions]