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weak-minded lacking mental firmness; indecisive. [2 definitions]
weakness the quality or condition of being weak. [4 definitions]
weakside in football, the side of an offensive line that is lacking the tight end. [2 definitions]
weal1 prosperity or well-being.
weal2 a raised mark on the skin caused by a blow; welt.
weald wooded or wild country; wilderness; forest.
wealth a large quantity of money or property or the state of having such; affluence. [2 definitions]
wealthy having wealth; rich; affluent.
wean to accustom (a child or young animal) to food other than milk consumed by suckling. [3 definitions]
weanling a recently weaned child or animal. [2 definitions]
weapon an object or device intended or used as a means of offense or defense. [2 definitions]
weaponless combined form of weapon.
weaponry weapons collectively. [2 definitions]
wear to have or carry on one's person as a covering or ornament. [15 definitions]
wearability the ability to resist deterioration under normal use.
wearable suitable for or capable of being worn.
wear and tear deterioration or wear caused by ordinary use; normal depreciation.
wear away to gradually break down or disappear due to friction or use. [2 definitions]
wear down to cause to gradually break down or erode due to friction, exposure, or use, [2 definitions]
wearing pertaining to articles of clothing. [2 definitions]
wearisome causing fatigue; tiring. [2 definitions]