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weather vane a vane designed to swing in the wind that indicates the direction the wind is blowing.
weather-wise skilled in predicting shifts in the weather. [2 definitions]
weatherworn weather-beaten.
weave to make (fabric, baskets, or the like) by passing threads or strips over and under each other; interlace. [8 definitions]
weaver a person who weaves, esp. for a living. [2 definitions]
weaverbird any of numerous African and Asian birds of the finch family that build intricately woven nests.
weaver finch any of several finches that weave elaborate nests.
weaving the process or activity of passing threads over and under each other multiple times in order to make fabric.
web a thin and fragile structure spun by spiders and the larvae of certain insects. [7 definitions]
webbed having or joined by a web. [2 definitions]
webbing a strong, closely woven fabric used for belts, straps, upholstery, and the like. [2 definitions]
web browser a computer program that locates and displays web pages for viewing; browser.
webby of, pertaining to, resembling, or having the nature of a web; webbed.
webcam a camera designed to take digital photographs and transmit them over the Internet or other network, or to stream live video.
webcast a video broadcast on the World Wide Web.
weber a unit of magnetic flux equal to 108 maxwells.
webfoot a foot with the toes connected by membrances or a web. [2 definitions]
web page a document belonging to a website on the World Wide Web.
website a location on the World Wide Web that includes a home page and related, linked web pages.
web-toed having webfeet; web-footed.
Wed. abbreviation of "Wednesday," the fourth day of the week, occurring between Tuesday and Thursday.