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weekends every weekend.
weekly done, published, or occurring once a week. [5 definitions]
weeknight a night or evening of any day of the week other than Saturday or Sunday.
weenie (informal) a wiener. [2 definitions]
weeny (informal) very small; tiny.
weep to show strong emotions, such as joy or grief, by shedding tears; cry. [7 definitions]
weeping showing strong emotions, such as grief or joy, by shedding tears. [3 definitions]
weeping willow an ornamental Asian willow, having long, slender, drooping branches and narrow leaves.
weepy tending to shed tears or to cause tears; tearful. [2 definitions]
weevil any of numerous beetles with a long head that curves downward forming a snout, and that feeds on plants and plant products such as fruits, nuts, grain, cotton, or the like; snout beetle.
wee-wee (informal) urine (used esp. by small children). [2 definitions]
weft the thread or yarn that alternately crosses over and under the warp in a woven material; woof. [2 definitions]
Wehrmacht defense force (German); the armed forces of Germany before and during World War II.
weigela any of various shrubby plants bearing funnel-shaped white, pink, or red flowers in clusters; weigelia.
weigh to measure the heaviness of by using a scale or similar device. [6 definitions]
weighable combined form of weigh.
weigh anchor to retrieve the anchor, preparatory to sailing.
weigh down to make heavier. [3 definitions]
weight the heaviness of an object, esp. as expressed in terms of a recognized system of measurement. [12 definitions]
weighted loaded; burdened. [3 definitions]
weightless seemingly without weight, as something under an influence that neutralizes gravity.