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weigh anchor to retrieve the anchor, preparatory to sailing.
weigh down to make heavier. [3 definitions]
weight the heaviness of an object, esp. as expressed in terms of a recognized system of measurement. [12 definitions]
weighted loaded; burdened. [3 definitions]
weightless seemingly without weight, as something under an influence that neutralizes gravity.
weightlifting the action or sport of lifting dumbbells or barbells, either competitively or for exercise.
weighty heavy. [4 definitions]
Weimaraner any of a German breed of hunting dog having a smooth silver or gray coat, a cropped tail, and blue or amber eyes.
Weimar Republic the German republic created at Weimar in 1919 and dissolved by Hitler in 1933.
weir a fence, as of brush, set in a stream to catch fish. [2 definitions]
weird strange, odd, or unconventional; puzzlingly unusual. [2 definitions]
weirdo (slang) an abnormal or odd person.
Welch variant of Welsh.
welcome used to express warm or hospitable greetings to one recently arrived. [9 definitions]
welcome mat a doormat.
weld to fuse metal or plastic by the application of heat, followed either by pressure or by addition of a molten filler material. [5 definitions]
weldable combined form of weld.
welding torch a tool that uses heat to join two metal things together.
welfare the health and happiness of a person or group, or the degree of such. well-being. [2 definitions]
welfare state a social system in which the state assumes the responsibility for the welfare of its citizens in housing, medical care, employment, and the like.
welfare work the organized efforts of a community, agency, or organization to improve the living conditions and job opportunities of its needy citizens.