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well-advised acting with or showing careful consideration; wise; prudent.
well-appointed fully and suitably furnished or equipped.
well-balanced properly maintained or regulated; evenly proportioned, as a diet. [2 definitions]
well-behaved showing good manners; behaving well.
well-being the condition of being healthy, happy, and comfortable; welfare.
well-beloved greatly loved. [3 definitions]
well-born born into an aristocratic or esteemed family.
well-bred showing good upbringing; polite and considerate. [2 definitions]
well-built sturdily or soundly built or constructed. [2 definitions]
well-chosen chosen with care; suitable; appropriate.
well-content completely satisfied; pleased.
well-defined distinctly shown or delineated; portrayed or appearing clearly and unambiguously.
well-disposed inclined to be sympathetic, kindly, or amiable. [2 definitions]
well-done of a food, thoroughly cooked. [2 definitions]
well-dressed dressed in clothes that are of good quality, fit, and style, and that are appropriate to the occasion.
well-earned deserved because clearly earned or merited; due.
well-educated having had a good or superior education, usu. including higher education.
well-favored pretty; handsome; good-looking.
well-fed properly nourished, sometimes to the point of overindulgence; plump.
well-fixed (informal) economically secure; rich; well-off.
well-formed having been constructed or shaped well, esp. when involving the use of sound logic or careful thought, application of established rules, or fine design techniques.