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whaleboat a long narrow rowboat with pointed ends that is esp. maneuverable in rough seas, once used in hunting whales and now used for rescue work.
whalebone a durable, horny, elastic substance that grows in plates or strips in the upper jaw of certain whales, serving to filter plankton from water passing through the whale's mouth. [2 definitions]
whalebone whale any of various whales, such as the right whales and the rorqual, having toothless jaws and whalebone on the sides of the upper jaw. (Cf. toothed whale.)
whaler a ship or boat used to hunt, catch, and process whales. [2 definitions]
whale shark an extremely large spotted shark that feeds mainly on plankton and small fishes.
whaling1 the business or industry of hunting, killing, and rendering whales.
whaling2 a beating; thrashing.
wham the loud noise made by a hard blow, heavy falling object, or explosion. [3 definitions]
whang1 (informal) the noise of a resounding blow or whack. [3 definitions]
whang2 a leather thong.
wharf a structure built along a shore, and often into the water, at which boats can be docked and loaded or unloaded; pier; quay. [4 definitions]
wharfage the use of a wharf or the fee charged for such use. [2 definitions]
wharf rat any of various large brown rats commonly found around wharves. [2 definitions]
what which thing or kind of thing. [12 definitions]
whatchamacallit (informal) that thing that one cannot recall the name of or does not wish to mention the name of.
what'd (informal) contracted form of "what did".
whatever anything or everything that. [7 definitions]
what'll contracted form of "what will".
what makes one tick what motivates or directs one's behavior (often used as a question).
whatnot a small shelf or set of shelves for figurines, bric-a-brac, or other small items, or any of the items themselves. [2 definitions]
what're (informal) contracted form of "what are".