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white gold any of several whitish-colored gold alloys containing nickel, platinum, or the like.
white-haired having white or very light-colored hair.
Whitehall the British government or its policies, esp. the civil-service branch. [2 definitions]
white heat a heat so intense that a substance glows white. [2 definitions]
white-hot heated so hot as to glow white. [2 definitions]
White House the official residence of the President of the United States in Washington, D.C. (prec. by the). [2 definitions]
white lead a white poisonous compound of basic lead carbonate, lead silicate, or lead sulfate, used as an exterior paint pigment.
white lie a small or harmless lie, often told to spare someone's feelings; well-intentioned fib.
white light light, such as sunlight, that is a mixture of wavelengths ranging from red to violet, each at about the same intensity.
white-livered having little or no courage; cowardly; lily-livered.
white matter the nerve tissue, esp. of the brain and spinal cord, which is fibrous and nearly white. (Cf. gray matter.)
white meat a light-colored meat, such as that of some poultry.
whiten to make or become white.
white noise a sound that is a mixture of all the audible frequencies, each at about the same intensity.
white oak a large oak of eastern North America that has a light gray to white bark, and yields a hard, light-colored wood.
whiteout a weather condition, usu. occurring in polar areas, in which the snow-covered ground blends into a white sky, blotting out the horizon and destroying the sense of depth, direction, and distance.
white paper an official report published by a government agency. [2 definitions]
white pepper a condiment with a sharp flavor prepared by grinding the inner fruit of the East Indian pepper.
white pine a pine of eastern North America that has needles in bundles of five and soft, light wood. [2 definitions]
white poplar a poplar of Europe and Asia, now widely cultivated in the United States, that bears leaves with white or gray down on the undersides.
white sale a sale of sheets, pillowcases, and other household linens.