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white tie a man's white bow tie, worn with formal evening dress. [2 definitions]
white trash (offensive slang) one or more members of the class of poor whites, esp. in the South.
whitewall a tire, as for an automobile, with a white band on the side facing outward.
whitewash a coating usu. made of lime and water, applied to walls, fences, or foundations as a whitener. [6 definitions]
white water foaming white water, esp. as seen in rapids. [2 definitions]
white-water of or relating to recreational canoeing, rafting, or the like, on rivers with rapids.
white whale see beluga.
whitey (derogatory slang) a white person, or whites collectively.
whither to what place? where?. [3 definitions]
whiting1 any of several food fishes found off the coast of Europe that are related to cod. [2 definitions]
whiting2 pure white chalk, ground and washed, used to make whitewash, ink, putty, and the like.
whitish tending towards white, whiteness, or paleness; rather white.
whitlow an inflammation of the deep tissues of a finger or toe, usu. producing an abscess under or near the nail.
Whitsun Whitsunday; Whitsuntide.
Whitsunday the seventh Sunday after Easter, celebrated in some Christian churches in commemoration of Pentecost.
Whitsuntide the week beginning with Whitsunday or Pentecost, esp. the first three days of this week.
whittle to cut or pare small bits or thin layers from (a piece of wood), or to trim or shape (it) by so doing. [3 definitions]
whiz to make a buzzing or hissing sound by, or as if by, flying swiftly through the air. [6 definitions]
WHO abbreviation of "World Health Organization."
who what person or persons. [5 definitions]
whoa used esp. to direct horses to stop.