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win to be victorious in a competition. [9 definitions]
wince to shrink suddenly back or away, as from pain or distress; flinch. [2 definitions]
winch a mechanical device, powered by motor or hand, that pulls or lifts objects by a rope or cable wound around its revolving drum. [3 definitions]
wind1 air as it moves naturally, esp. over the surface of the earth. [14 definitions]
wind2 to follow or constitute a bending or turning course. [11 definitions]
windage the influence, or amount of influence, of wind on the course of a projectile, or an adjustment in aiming to counteract this influence. [3 definitions]
windbag one who talks lengthily or pretentiously.
windblown blown or scattered by the wind. [2 definitions]
wind-borne carried by the wind, as seeds.
windbreak a hedge, fence, row of trees, or the like that serves as a shelter from the wind.
Windbreaker trademark for a lightweight outdoor jacket usu. having elastic at the waist and cuffs. [2 definitions]
windburn irritation of the skin caused by overexposure to wind.
windchill factor the temperature felt by the body that represents a combination of the temperature of the air and the velocity of the wind.
wind chimes a cluster of small pendants of metal, glass, or the like, hung so that they strike against one another and tinkle or chime when the wind blows them.
wind cone a windsock.
wind down to decrease in intensity. [2 definitions]
winded having breath, usu. of a specified kind. [2 definitions]
windfall an unexpected or unearned gain or piece of good fortune. [3 definitions]
wind farm an area of land containing numerous wind turbines used in the harnessing of wind energy in order to generate electricity.
windflaw a sudden gust of wind.
windflower any of the various flowers of the anemone family, or the plant that bears it.