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wirehair a pedigreed dog with a wiry coat, esp. one of a breed in which two or more types of coat are recognized. [2 definitions]
wire-haired having coarse stiff tightly crimped hair, as certain breeds of dogs.
wireless without, or operating, transmitted, or the like without, wires. [4 definitions]
wireless telegraph radiotelegraph.
wireless telephone a telephone that is operated by radio-transmitted signals.
Wirephoto trademark for a system of transmitting photographs by telephone wire, or a photograph so sent.
wirepuller one who manipulates wires or strings, as of a puppet. [2 definitions]
wire recorder a device, a forerunner of the tape recorder, that records and plays back sound on magnetized steel wire.
wire service a business that transmits news stories, photographs, features, stock market prices, and the like, by electronic means to newspapers and radio and television that subscribe for the service.
wiretap a concealed device attached to the wires, usu. of a telephone, to permit eavesdropping on or recording of private conversations. [5 definitions]
wirework netting, mesh, and other articles made of wire.
wiring the act of one who wires. [2 definitions]
wiry of, pertaining to, made of, or in the form of wire. [3 definitions]
Wisconsin a midwestern U.S. state between Minnesota and Lake Michigan. (abbr.: WI)
wisdom the state of being wise. [3 definitions]
Wisdom of Solomon a book of the Apocrypha.
wisdom tooth the third and rearmost molar on each side of both the upper and lower jaws of humans that is the last tooth to erupt and one that sometimes causes problems, esp. when there is insufficient room for it to grow.
-wise in (such) a way, direction, position, or manner. [2 definitions]
wise1 having an understanding of that which is true or good together with sound judgment. [5 definitions]
wise2 fashion or manner of proceeding or doing; way.
wiseacre one who is conceited or arrogantly self-assured. [2 definitions]