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witch hazel any of a family of shrubs and small trees of eastern North America and Asia that bear yellow flowers in autumn. [2 definitions]
witch hunt a hunt for and punishment of those alleged to be witches, warlocks, or disciples of Satan. [3 definitions]
witching the practice of sorcery; witchcraft. [4 definitions]
with in the company of; accompanying. [16 definitions]
with- away. [3 definitions]
with a grain of salt with a skeptical attitude.
withal besides this; in addition. [2 definitions]
with a lick and a promise (informal) done hurriedly and superficially.
with a vengeance with great force or fury; violently. [2 definitions]
with bated breath with breath suspended or held due to anxiety or suspense.
with child pregnant.
withdraw to take back, out, or away; remove. [4 definitions]
withdrawable combined form of withdraw.
withdrawal the state, act, or process of withdrawing. [2 definitions]
withdrawn past participle of withdraw. [3 definitions]
withdrew past tense of withdraw.
withe a strong pliable twig or stem, esp. of a willow, used as a binding.
wither to dry up, shrivel, or wilt, as from decay or lack of moisture. [5 definitions]
withers on a horse or similar animal, the highest spot on the back, at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades.
withheld past tense and past participle of withhold.
withhold to deliberately hold back; restrain. [3 definitions]