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wolves pl. of wolf.
woman an adult female human. [3 definitions]
womanhood the state of being a woman. [3 definitions]
womanish characteristic of or suitable for a woman; feminine or effeminate.
womanize to make effeminate. [2 definitions]
womankind women collectively, as distinguished from men.
womanless combined form of woman.
womanlike like a woman.
womanly possessing the qualities considered to be desirable in or befitting a woman; feminine.
woman suffrage women's right to vote, esp. in government elections.
womb the uterus. [2 definitions]
wombat any of several Australian marsupials that eat plants, live in burrows, and look like small bears.
women pl. of woman.
womenfolk all women; womankind. [2 definitions]
women's liberation an international movement that seeks to achieve for all women full social, economic, and political equality with men.
Women's National Basketball Association a U.S. sports league formed in 1996 that organizes and regulates the highest level of women's professional basketball competition. (abbr.: WNBA)
women's rights economic, legal, and social rights equal to those accorded to men, claimed by and for women.
won1 past tense and past participle of win.
won2 the chief monetary unit of South Korea, equaling one hundred chon. [2 definitions]
wonder to experience a sensation of admiration or amazement (often fol. by at). [7 definitions]
wonderful causing feelings of wonder or admiration; excellent; extraordinary.