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work ethic a belief in the moral virtue of hard work.
work force the total number of workers who are actively employed in a business, industry, or nation, or who are available for employment; labor force.
workhorse a horse used for heavy labor, such as plowing or hauling. [2 definitions]
workhouse an institution that houses and feeds the poor but requires them to do labor on site; poorhouse. [2 definitions]
working the act or activity of someone or something that works. [7 definitions]
working capital that portion of the capital of a business or corporation that is not invested in fixed assets but is instead kept liquid for day-to-day operating expenses. [2 definitions]
working class workers considered collectively as a social, economic, or political class, esp. manual and industrial laborers and low wage earners.
working day workday.
workingman a male worker, esp. a manual or industrial laborer.
working papers any official documents certifying that a person, esp. an alien or a minor, can legally be employed.
workingwoman a woman who works for pay, as distinguished from a housewife.
workless combined form of work.
workload the amount of work required or expected, as of a particular employee, student, or the like.
workman a male worker, usu. in manual labor of some kind.
workmanlike done or made with skill and care, as by a good craftsman.
workmanly workmanlike.
workmanship the art or skill of a workman or craftsperson. [3 definitions]
work of art a product of creative effort, esp. in the graphic or plastic arts, such as a painting or sculpture. [2 definitions]
workout a period or program of physical exercise. [2 definitions]
work out to solve (a problem) by making special efforts. [5 definitions]
workplace the place where one works, esp. a factory, office, store, or the like. [2 definitions]