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zoological garden a public park or other enclosed area in which live animals are kept for exhibition; zoo.
zoologist one who specialized in or studies zoology.
zoology the science and study of animals. [3 definitions]
zoom to move quickly or rapidly while making a low-pitched humming sound. [6 definitions]
zoom lens a camera lens assembly that can be quickly adjusted to provide varying degrees of magnification with no loss of focus.
zoomorphic of, having, or portrayed in the form of an animal.
-zoon an animal organism that can exist and move about independently and that reproduces asexually; zooid.
zoonosis a disease such as rabies that can be transmitted to people by animals.
zoophagous feeding on animals; carnivorous.
zoophilism a strong affection, esp. a sexual one, for animals.
zoophyte any of various invertebrate animals that resemble a plant, such as a coral or sponge.
zooplankton the animal life in plankton (Cf. phytoplankton.)
zoospore a tiny asexual reproductive cell of certain algae and fungi that is capable of independent motion.
zoot suit an exaggeratedly styled man's suit of the 1940s, consisting of baggy pants with tight cuffs and an oversized coat with wide lapels and padded shoulders.
zori a flat sandal, often made of straw, with a thong in the front between the big toe and the toe next to it; thong.
Zoroaster a Persian religious teacher of the sixth or seventh century B.C. who was the founder of Zoroastrianism; Zarathustra.
Zoroastrian of or pertaining to Zoroaster or Zoroastrianism. [2 definitions]
Zoroastrianism the religion of the Persians prior to their conversion to Islam, which is based on the belief in a supreme deity, Ahura Mazda, and which emphasizes the struggle between good and evil.
Zouave a member of a former French infantry unit, originally composed of Algerians and characterized by their colorful Oriental uniforms and precision drilling. [2 definitions]
zoysia any of various creeping grasses, native to Asia and Australia, that are used esp. for lawn grass.
ZPG abbreviation of "zero population growth," a condition in a given population in which the number of live births equals the number of deaths, so that the population remains constant.