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Zoroaster a Persian religious teacher of the sixth or seventh century B.C. who was the founder of Zoroastrianism; Zarathustra.
Zoroastrian of or pertaining to Zoroaster or Zoroastrianism. [2 definitions]
Zoroastrianism the religion of the Persians prior to their conversion to Islam, which is based on the belief in a supreme deity, Ahura Mazda, and which emphasizes the struggle between good and evil.
Zouave a member of a former French infantry unit, originally composed of Algerians and characterized by their colorful Oriental uniforms and precision drilling. [2 definitions]
zoysia any of various creeping grasses, native to Asia and Australia, that are used esp. for lawn grass.
ZPG abbreviation of "zero population growth," a condition in a given population in which the number of live births equals the number of deaths, so that the population remains constant.
Zr symbol of the chemical element zirconium.
zucchetto in the Roman Catholic Church, a skullcap, of varying colors depending on the wearer's rank, worn by clergy members.
zucchini a type of summer squash that has a smooth, dark green rind and is cucumber-shaped.
Zulu a southeastern African people, or any member or descendant thereof. [3 definitions]
Zuni a member of a North American tribe of formerly pueblo-dwelling Indians of western New Mexico. [2 definitions]
zwieback a type of sweet bread made with eggs, which, after being baked, is sliced and toasted until crisp.
zydeco a dance music of southern Louisiana originating among blacks that contains elements of Caribbean music, white Cajun dance melodies, and the blues, usu. played on a combination of the accordion, guitar, and washboard.
zygo- connected; yoked; paired.
zygospore in botany, a spore formed by the joining of two similar gametes, as in certain algae and fungi.
zygote a cell formed by the union of two gametes or sex cells. [2 definitions]
zymase an enzyme found in yeast that decomposes sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
zymo- fermentation. [2 definitions]
zymogen an inactive protein that has the potential to become an enzyme because of an internal change.
zymology the science involving the chemistry of fermentation; enzymology.
zymurgy the branch of chemistry that deals with the fermentation process, as in beer brewing or winemaking.