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ab- from; away; off.
ABA abbreviation of "American Bar Association."
aba a coarse felted fabric of goat or camel hair. [2 definitions]
abaca a Philippine plant of the banana family that yields a fiber used in making rope.
aback so that the wind catches the front side of an open sail. [2 definitions]
abacus a device used to make arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame with parallel rods or grooves that hold movable counters such as beads.
Abaddon in the Old Testament, a place of destruction; abode of the wicked dead; hell. [2 definitions]
abaft in nautical terminology, toward the stern from; behind. [2 definitions]
abalone a large edible marine snail, the shell of which is lined with mother-of-pearl.
abandon to leave (someone or something) with no intention of returning or taking up possession again. [6 definitions]
abandoned left forever; deserted. [2 definitions]
abandon ship to leave a ship that is in danger of sinking. [2 definitions]
abase to diminish (something of value) or to place (esp. oneself) in a lower position than another or others; lower; demean.
abasement the act of bringing down or the state of being brought down in rank, status, or reputation.
abash to cause to feel embarrassed, uneasy, or ashamed.
abate to become less in amount, degree, or intensity; subside. [3 definitions]
abatement the act of lessening or reducing, or the condition of being lessened or reduced. [2 definitions]
abatis an obstacle constructed by bending and sharpening the branches of trees or implanting sharpened limbs in a soil barricade, sometimes interlaced with barbed wire.
abattoir a place where animals are killed and cut up for food; slaughterhouse.
abbacy the authority, term of office, or rights of an abbot.
abbé a title of respect for any clergyman, esp. in France.