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absurdist having or expressing the belief that human existence and behavior are meaningless or absurd. [3 definitions]
absurdity the condition or quality of being absurd. [2 definitions]
Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates.
abuelita (Spanish; informal) grandmother; grandma.
abuelito (Spanish; informal) grandfather; grandpa.
abundance an amount that is more than ample; very plentiful quantity. [2 definitions]
abundant large in amount or number; plentiful. [2 definitions]
abuse to use in an improper or incorrect manner; misuse. [7 definitions]
abusive characterized by offensive or unfair language. [4 definitions]
abut to adjoin or press against; be next to; border on. [2 definitions]
abutment an architectural component that supports an arch, vault, or the like, as of a bridge. [2 definitions]
abutter one whose land abuts another's.
abuzz filled with buzzing. [2 definitions]
abysm a vast, unmeasurable space; bottomless pit; abyss.
abysmal of vast extent; unmeasurable; extreme. [2 definitions]
abyss a vast, unmeasurable space; bottomless pit. [2 definitions]
-ac of, relating to, or resembling. [2 definitions]
AC1 abbreviation of "alternating current," electrical current that reverses direction at regular intervals. (Cf. "DC.")
Ac symbol of the chemical element actinium.
AC2 abbreviation of "athletic club," a club that provides athletic equipment and sports-related services to its members.
A/C abbreviation of "air conditioning," a system that circulates cooled and dehumidified air in a building, car, or other space.