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accompaniment part of a musical composition that is intended to support more central parts. [2 definitions]
accompanist one who provides a musical accompaniment, esp. on a piano.
accompany to go along with or come with (someone or something) [4 definitions]
accomplice a person who helps another commit a crime or wrongful act.
accomplish to succeed in doing or finishing, esp. something that requires effort. [3 definitions]
accomplishable combined form of accomplish.
accomplished finished; completed. [3 definitions]
accomplishment the act of accomplishing. [3 definitions]
accord balanced interrelationship; agreement; harmony. [6 definitions]
accordance agreement; compliance. [2 definitions]
according agreeing.
accordingly in accord with what is known, stated, or suitable; correspondingly. [2 definitions]
according to in accord with or consistent with [2 definitions]
according to Hoyle according to the rules; correctly.
accordion a portable musical instrument having a keyboard and a pleated bellows that forces air through metal reeds to produce tones. [2 definitions]
accost to confront and speak first to, often aggressively. [2 definitions]
accouchement childbirth, or a period of confinement for childbirth.
account a story or report; narrative. [15 definitions]
accountability the state or quality of being accountable.
accountable responsible for providing a credible and respectable explanation or justification, esp. of one's own actions (usu. fol. by "for" or "to"). [2 definitions]
accountancy the practices or profession of an accountant.