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accomplish to succeed in doing or finishing, esp. something that requires effort. [3 definitions]
accomplishable combined form of accomplish.
accomplished finished; completed. [3 definitions]
accomplishment the act of accomplishing. [3 definitions]
accord balanced interrelationship; agreement; harmony. [6 definitions]
accordance agreement; compliance. [2 definitions]
according agreeing.
accordingly in accord with what is known, stated, or suitable; correspondingly. [2 definitions]
according to in accord with or consistent with [2 definitions]
according to Hoyle according to the rules; correctly.
accordion a portable musical instrument having a keyboard and a pleated bellows that forces air through metal reeds to produce tones. [2 definitions]
accost to confront and speak first to, often aggressively. [2 definitions]
accouchement childbirth, or a period of confinement for childbirth.
account a story or report; narrative. [15 definitions]
accountability the state or quality of being accountable.
accountable responsible for providing a credible and respectable explanation or justification, esp. of one's own actions (usu. fol. by "for" or "to"). [2 definitions]
accountancy the practices or profession of an accountant.
accountant a person who examines and maintains the financial records of individuals or businesses.
account executive in a company such as an advertising agency, a person responsible for managing one or more clients' accounts and often for securing new accounts.
accounting the profession, system, or activity of recording and maintaining the records of financial transactions of individuals or businesses.
account payable an amount owed to a creditor by a business, usu. for goods and services received.