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adhesion the act or condition of clinging or sticking. [4 definitions]
adhesive able or likely to adhere; clinging; sticky. [2 definitions]
adhesive bandage a small piece of cloth or plastic with a sticky material on one side. You use an adhesive bandage to cover a wound and keep it clean.
adhesive tape a strip of cotton, plastic, or other tape coated with a sticky material on one side, used esp. for attaching bandages.
ad hoc for this particular case, occasion, or purpose only; with respect only to this. [2 definitions]
ad hominem (Latin) to the man; appealing to a personal interest, emotion, or prejudice rather than to rationality. [2 definitions]
adiabatic of, relating to, or denoting a process that occurs without loss or gain of heat, such as a change in the volume or pressure of the contents of a container.
adieu good-bye; farewell. [2 definitions]
a dime a dozen (informal) plentiful and easily obtainable; common; cheap.
ad infinitum to infinity; without limit or end; endlessly.
ad interim in the meantime.
adios good-bye; farewell.
adipose of, resembling, or pertaining to animal fat; fatty. [2 definitions]
adit an entrance or means of access, esp. a more or less horizontal passageway that leads into a mine.
adj. abbreviation of "adjective," in grammar, a word that modifies a noun or noun equivalent.
adjacent near or next to; adjoining.
adjacent angles two angles that have a common vertex and one common side.
adjectival of, relating to, or functioning as an adjective.
adjective in grammar, a word that modifies a noun or noun equivalent. [2 definitions]
adjoin to be next to; abut. [2 definitions]
adjoining touching at some line or point; having a common wall, border, or the like; contiguous.